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There are so many charity shops in Britain. Used clothes and books are so easy to find. I bought dozens of DW books that way.

(Isabella Oliver) They're also offering new ways to shop. For instance, Stitch Fix expanded into maternity in 2015 and sends boxes of options for expanding bellies. A spokeswoman promises it adjusts inventory to be just right for each trimester and for postpartum. A stylist sending us samples promised "desk-to-dinner" looks in our box, which included skinny jeans and a polka dot top. Similarly, Le Tote sends boxes starting at, for maternity, $49 per month, with recommended pieces that members can swap or purchase. The company's origins are even pregnancy-related: When co-founder Rakesh Tondon's wife was pregnant in 2012, she started sharing clothing with friends, helping inspire the idea. Storq offers a $250 package deal, Basic Bundle — four pieces (dress, skirt, leggings, tank) to get you through nine months. The emphasis is on what isn't there — no tiny belts or bows. Witton Maternity top from Isabella Oliver, $69. Witton Maternity top from Isabella Oliver, $69.

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